dr. marga kreckel“I was planning to visit India (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur) and Pakistan to learn about the culture and life of the people there, when I was introduced to Anju by my friend in Germany where I live. Though I booked the trip through my travel agent, Anju helped me plan the perfect itinerary for the 2 weeks visit. While in Delhi, Anju was a great travel escort taking me to all the places which were of great interest to me, and definitely something I could not have managed alone. Not only showing me around, she also explained so much of the culture of the great country called India that I wanted to know. More than a travel escort, she is a friend, with whom you feel perfectly comfortable and can move around without any worries. I will definitely recommend her name to those traveling to Delhi and the nearby cities so that they can enjoy seeing the places with the comfortable friendly feel being with her.”

Dr. Marga Kreckel
Halle, Germany


anita and leah terry“Thank you so much for showing up your city! It was such a beautiful day and we felt like you were a friend that we had known already. Thank you again!”

Anita & Leah Terry
Toronto, Canada


nanako shintani“Anju Didi (elder sister) is what I call her, because she was a big help and it is she who changed my impression of India. Before I met her, I just saw one surface of India which initially scared me, but she showed me the real life of India… culture, sightseeing, way of thinking in India… talking about many more things Indian. Now I love to come to India, and this is my 3rd visit. If I had not met Anju Didi, I would have misunderstood about India. She is a very warm person who makes you feel safe and relaxed. She can be friend, family to you. I assure you, you are lucky if you meet her, since she can truly guide you through the real India and its capital city of Delhi.”

Nanako Shintani
Osaka, Japan


anju varma with eriko yokoyama and friend

After my first official visit to Delhi way back in 1982, I visited Delhi recently as a tourist, along with my friend. Anju offered to provide her services in taking us around. We were impressed not only by the places that Anju took us to, showing the interesting little nuances of each place, but, also with her quiet, thoughtful and friendly personality. If I have one word to describe her, I would choose the word “reliable” which is indispensable when you travel in countries where the culture is different from your own.

Anju Varma with Eriko Yokoyama and friend

Eriko Yokoyama
Tokyo, Japan

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