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Anju Varma, Advisor and Travel Expert

anju varmaAnju Varma, an Advisor and Travel Expert, having years of experience working with Japan Airlines, which not only gave me an opportunity to travel to different countries of the world, but also to experience the beauty and culture of the people of each country by interacting with them. At the same time, for 7 years, I chose to explore the nooks and corners of my own country, India, which turned out to be the most beautiful experience in my life. A chance meeting with a Japanese girl who narrated her travails while travelling in Delhi, and the sheer pleasure that she expressed on my rendering her help and guidance, the experience created a passion in me to project the history, culture and the warmth of this vast and amazing country in its true form to the travelers, by providing personalized services from the heart. A hard core ‘dilliwala’ who has grown and evolved from Delhi’s unique heritage,with its forts and havelis, my objective is to bring awareness of the deep rooted culture and history of Delhi, for every traveler to experience it unconditionally. 

To me, “it is not just the place, but it is the people who make the place lovable”. Keeping this in mind, I want to share the captivating city of Delhi and the nearby cities, by personally escorting you, to experience a part of the Soulful, Mystifying, Intense, Lovable, Enchanting country called India, and carry unforgettable memories when you leave.

Dhruv Gupta, Trip Planner & Travel Advisor

dhruv guptaDhruv Gupta is a veteran in travel and tourism industry. A qualified MBA and a globetrotter. Dhruv has won several accolades for his focused efforts in the field of tourism. Dhruv takes immense pleasure in personally escorting his guests for the walking tour in Old Delhi and also being host to them at the Haveli (Old Private Mansion).

Masterji Kee Haveli is one of the sustained old traditional Havelis in Old Delhi that revives the annals of a bygone era and places it on the world map. Discover how history of Old Delhi reveals its newer shades with Dhruv…

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